Schmeling Building Supply’s history began in the late 1800’s when company founder Emil Wilhelm Schmeling (1869-1962) formed a partnership and opened a contracting business named Schmeling & Broitzmann General Contracting. EW, as he was referred to, also had his own carpenter shop. In the early 1920’s, EW moved his business to the present location, 1031 School Street, Rockford, IL. At this time, he also incorporated the business under the name of E.W. Schmeling & Sons, Inc. and began to place more responsibility of the day to day operations on his five sons. William Schmeling (1897-1994) and Albert Schmeling (1907-1961) oversaw the millwork division, Walter Schmeling (1901-1976) the retail lumber yard division, Elmer Schmeling (1904-1970) the construction division and Robert Schmeling (1912-1991) worked in the lumber yard division and was Chief Financial Officer for the corporation. During this time, the company’s reputation grew for quality millwork, construction management, lumber and coal. In 1970, Elmer Schmeling purchased the assets of the construction division and formed Schmeling Construction Company, now run by Steve Schmeling, his grandson. In 1993, Albert’s son Ronald, and his two sons Mark and Kevin took over the millwork division keeping the name EW Schmeling & Sons. Martin (1949-2017) and John Schmeling, Robert’s sons took over operations of the yard division and incorporated as Schmeling Building Supply. Going forward, the values and dedication to quality that EW built his business on remain.

Contracting Shop on Irving Ave Rockford

Carpenter Shop on Irving Ave Rockford

Ad in the Rockford Trade Unionist's paper May 4, 1949