The following is a listing and links to many wood related organizations that set the standards
that govern the lumber industry.
We have also included articles pertaining to many of the products that we supply

NHLA National Hardwood Lumber Association
RIS Redwood Inspection Service
CRA California Redwood Association
SPIB Southern Pine Inspection Bureau
WCLB West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau
WWPA Western Wood Products Association
NELMA Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association
NHPMA Northeastern Hardwood and Pine Manufacturers Association
AISC American Wood Standard Committee
AWPA American Wood Protection Association
APA The Engineered Wood Association (formally the American Plywood Association)


Redwood Grades
Softwood Lumber Sizes
Radius Edge Decking
Lumber Values
Simple Span Tables
Lumber Terms
American Hardwood Grading Guide
Common Lumber Defects
Plywood Bending radius
Plywood Exposure Ratings
I Joists and Fire Exposure
Marine Plywood Specifications
OSB vs Plywood
Plywood Panel Lables
Plywood Sized for Spacing
Plywood Span Ratings
Woodpecker Damage